A Food Memory Contest

Hello wonderful readers!  I know I am terribly overdue for a post, however, I would like to ask you for a favor right now.  As you may already realize I am very passionate about food.  No coincidence, since I was fortunate enough to have had 4 grandparents all from Italy.  It was a blessing I could only completely realize when I was much older.  I had the opportunity recently to put into words one of my fondest food related memories.  The brief story that brought back tears has landed me into the finalist spot for a trip to Italy!  Not just anywhere in Italy, but my great grandfather’s birthplace, Lucca!  Most of you also realize I have to be gluten free at all times, and this trip caters to the traveler with dietary restrictions like mine!

The final fifteen stories that were selected from nearly 600 entries are posted on the following link.  I am number 5 (Carol) and if you would like to vote for me, I would very much appreciate it. 

Here is a piece of chocolate for you to thank you.  They are raw, gluten free, dairy free and no refined sugar.  Enjoy.  Thank you so much for your vote!



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